Self Help

Self Help

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver

* recommended by Kathe Jackson


This book is so pertinent in today's world of the fast paced, hurry up, get it while you can attitude.  Joanna uses many of her own experiences to show women how important it is to "choose the better part" as Jesus tells Martha.  I am reading this book for the second time already because there are so many wonderful things mentioned which will help me put aside my worldly cares to sit at the feet of my Savior.
The book can be purchased at Mardel's or Barnes & Noble but you may have to have one ordered because I've already bought just about every copy around!!!




And the Angels were Silent, the final week of Jesus by Max Lucado

* recommended by Phyllis Miller


This book was recommended to me by Father Joe Arledge. It is formatted to be read the last week before Easter. So this year you would start on Friday, April 6th. You are supposed to read a chapter each day to follow in Jesus footsteps on his final week before He died on the cross.

There is also a study guide for each chapter.


Other Religions

Other Religions

Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating


Keating defends Catholicism from fundamentalist attacks and explains why fundamentalism has been so successful in converting Catholics.


Catholics and the New Age by Father Mitch Pacwa


Fr. Pacwa probes such New Age practices as Jungian psychology, reincarnation, crystals, the enneagram and astrology.


Christianity and American Freemasonry by William Whalen



Why are the two incompatible?


Separated Brethren by William Whalen


Subtitled "A Survey of Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Old Catholic, and Other Denominations in the United States"


 Strangers at Your Door by Father Albert Nevins


How to Respond to Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons, televangelists, cults and more


Reference Books

Reference Books

Catechism of the Catholic Church


This is the Revised Edition, supplanting all versions of the Catechism that were printed before 2000. 


Inside the Vatican by James L. Stanfield


For nearly a year, Stanfield was allowed to photograph virtually every corner of Vatican City. This remarkable books is the result


OSV's Catholic Encyclopedia by Fr. Peter Stravinskas (Editor)


1,040 pages of superb reference material


2000 Catholic Almanac


 "The most complete one-volume source of facts and information on the Catholic Church."


Q & A Books

Q & A Books

The Catholic Answer Book by Father Peter Stravinskas


Hundreds of answers to questions about Catholic beliefs and practices.


Did Adam and Eve Have Bellybuttons? by Matthew Pinto 


The perfect Confirmation gift. Answers 200 questions from Catholic teenagers.


Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn


"This book's logic is unassailable it s research is impeccable; and its scope is monumental. If you have room for only one pro-life book in your library, make sure it is this one" (George Grant, Director, Legacy Communications)


Radio Replies by Fathers Rumble & Carty


In three volumes, the authors examine 4,374 questions about the Catholic Faith. Decades old, but useful as ever.


Tell My Why:  A Father Answers His Daughter's Questions About God by Michael Novak


Novak, a Catholic theologian, answers 12 questions (Why should I believe in God? Why are there so many religions?) from his twenty-something daughter.


What Catholics Really Believe: Setting the Record Straight by Karl Keating


Keating addresses 52 common misconceptions about the Catholic faith that are held by many Catholics and other Christians, such as papal infallibility, the place of Mary, annulment and divorce, and more.


Where we got the Bible by Henry G. Graham

* recommended by Phyllis Miller


Charlie Meiser gave this book to all his facilators. It is a  book about where we got the Bible. He should be credited for this recommendation. He loves it! If you want a personal opinion ask Charlie or Cathy Morrison. They have both read it several times. I have read only parts.

Note on back of book: The Bible is Catholic. In "Where We Got The Bible" Henry Graham explains how the Catholic Church compiled the sacred text, how medieval monks preserved it, and how Catholic scholars, not Protestant Reformers, first gave Christians the Bible in their own languages. Along the way Graham destroys myths about Catholic opposition to Scripture.

To his lively history of the Bible is joined his conversion story, "From the Kirk to the Catholic Church." Brought up a Calvinist in Scotland, Graham became a minister but found himself irrestibly drawn toward the Catholic faith, eventually becoming a Catholic bishop.


Responses to 101 Questions on the BIBLE {Paulist Press}
 by Raymond E. Brown, S.S.

* recommended by Dan Letourneau


The late Fr. Raymond Brown is considered one of the authorities of the Holy Bible in the Catholic Church having been recognized by universities in the USA and Europe with some twenty honorary doctoral degrees. He was probably "the premier Catholic scripture scholar" in the US. Through his career of lecturing on the Bible, Raymond Brown chose 101 of the most commonly asked questions on the Bible covering a wide range of subjects. This book is a must for anyone studying and praying with the Holy Scriptures.